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Design tools come in all shapes and sizes.  There are apps, software, downloadable programs and even websites on the internet that can assist in anything from graph making, mapping applications and even word clouds.  I made a really cool one but it doesn’t let you ‘save as’,  you can print or put it in the gallery so if you have time check out :  It was fun! But…I’m going to talk about the very design tool we are using, social media tools! Disclaimer- I’m no social media junkie, I’m not even a social media butterfly but here we all are blogging! This is the latest and greatest tool in marketing and I look at graphic design especially and Information Design as marketing. It’s a way to get the word out and in the case of our blogs it’s a way to tell each other how we do things. (our own instruction manuals)  So I don’t have to incorporate it into my blog post it is my post. There are so many social media sites.  First it was Facebook and Twitter and now there is Pinterest which from what I can tell is twitter with pictures? (see disclaimer)  So I’m noticing the natural gravitation to a picture oriented online world as well. It’s easier to look at a picture than it is to read text.  That’s exactly what Roam is getting at with the apple and the local islander, we can bridge language gaps with pictures. Pictures do not come in certain languages.  They are universal.

There are also social media sites that help you manage your social media! Which means we use a lot of social media!  This is a site that helps people get through the social media jungle they say.   It is amazing to me the things that can be found and done on the internet. Another way social media can be used for information design is by tracking trends and usage of to gather information.  We discussed in the last module about the need for gathering information on a client, as well as the potential customers and what better way than tracking social media? Whether it is the client website, Facebook etc or the average customer age base and their use on any of the previously mentioned sites it’s a great information gathering tool.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Tools

  1. Julie Mazza says:

    What an interesting and informative post. I had forgotten about social media tools as forms of Information Design but they are among the most commonly used! I wasn’t able to see your creation on Wordle as I guess it shows the most recent so if you could provide a link to yours that would be great. What a cool website!

    And you’re right, we are using an Information Design tool right now. In a way, you could also consider Angel’s discussion board as an information design tool as well. As far as Pinterest goes, it is essentially an online personal bulletin board where you can “pin” website images with either purchasable items, concepts or just pictures (jokes, etc). This is a wonderful example of how our society relies on images versus text as there is virtually no text associated with the pictures except maybe a comment or two.

    Julie Mazza

  2. richeleid says:

    Hi Kim,
    I like how you used your blog posted as your actual example for social media. For something that seems so obvious, I would’ve never thought of it myself! When I looked at the assignment, I wanted to do something with Social Media, as you mentioned, it is a huge agent for marketing in our society. I am also familiar with Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger, but I didn’t really know how to incorporate it into my post because I was thinking way too literally.
    I agree that social networking is one of the greatest tools in marketing right now. So many companies hire people JUST to run their Facebook pages, to make sure that their Facebook page represents the company accurately and stays up to date. What an easy way to connect with an audience, really. It does seem like you can find just about anything out you want with social networking sites.
    I’ve also noticed a lot of websites that are bridging the gap with graphics and texts, like tumblr for example. The graphics in Roam’s book helped me understand all of the concepts he explained so much easier, so I tried to do the same in my blog, although it is very basic.

    BTW, I love your wordle! Wordle is a really fun tool to use. I even googled “social networking design” and a lot of “Wordles” popped up. Nice post!

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